Name: Peter

Age: 7

Birth Date: 12/30/1998

Peter believes he is alive today because God has given him new life and all that he needs. With God he can do anything!

Peter would like to go to University and become a surgeon. Because of that, he takes school very seriously and is taking high level classes. He’s become so good at English that he now helps as a translator for all the missionaries. He plays soccer for the school team and is very good. He loves plantains, sweet potatoes and yams!

He is from the village of Les Cayes where his family still lives except for his little brother Herby who lives here at the orphanage with him.

Peter is in charge of caring for several of the youngest boys here. He does a great job caring for them and the boys look up to Peter very much. He is a strong role model for them because he studies hard, works hard, and is kind to everyone he meets.

His favorite things to do are play soccer and study. He has made such great friends with the missionaries and is able to communicate with them throughout the year. His best friends at the orphanage are James, Masseinda and Denos.

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