Name: Feline

Age: 11

Birth Date: 9/3/2003

Feline is sweet and quiet and laughs a lot!  Her favorite thing to play is jump rope and hand clapping games.  She lives here at the orphanage with her little brother, Faniel.  They have lived here since the orphanage opened in 2010.  The rest of her family, mom, dad, and, four sisters live in Fond Blanc.  Her mother often spends the weekends here helping with laundry. Often her little sister comes to play too. The girls love spending time together.

Feline enjoys going to school to get an education. She hopes to one day become a historian. She also loves memorizing bible verses.  She likes working hard and helping people. She has a lot of jobs around here like helping to cook, clean, and do laundry.  She enjoys doing laundry and is so good at it many of the children prefer her to clean their clothes.  Her favorite thing to do though is clean. She is a great help to the mommies. Her best friends at the orphanage are Roselie and Laina.

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