We face a unique situation at the Fond Blanc Foundation in that we are not primarily a child sponsorship organization. Our focus is on one particular orphanage, as opposed to other organizations that cover many more children and geographical areas. To that end, our child sponsorship program is designed to best meet the needs of these specific 54 children.

This presents its challenges. We cannot provide an opportunity for one child, while denying that same opportunity for other children in the orphanage. All children must be fed. All children must receive education. And because we cover all costs associated with the orphanage (food, water, education, health & general care), our costs per child are much higher and more encompassing than most traditional child sponsorship programs.


When you sponsor a child, the funds generated are dispersed amongst all 54 children at the orphanage. This ensures that all children, not just one child, receive the benefits of your generous contribution.

We also allow for multiple sponsors per child without denying sponsors the opportunity to establish an individual connection with that particular child. When you sponsor a child, you will get postcards, letters, pictures and videos from that child, and have the opportunity to write the child and communicate with them directly. With hundreds of missionaries visiting the Fond Blanc Orphanage every year, we realize people develop special connections with specific children. We don’t want to limit anyone from continuing those relationships because someone else has already chosen to sponsor that specific child.


When someone decides to sponsor a child, they can choose between 5 different giving levels. We’ve created a variety of giving levels to allow people with different financial means to get involved. Anyone from a high school student to a large youth group can choose to sponsor a child.

Everyone who sponsors receives: 1) a postcard from the specific child; 2) a beautiful Fond Blanc Foundation t-shirt; 3) quarterly newsletter 4) bi-annual letters from the child; and 5) the ability to write the child.

We have five unique sponsorship levels to give people of different financial means the ability to connect with a child…

 *We do our best to deliver all postcards and letters to and from Haiti within 90 days. At times this delay will be longer if we do not have a Fond Blanc Foundation representative traveling to Haiti. We are not able to mail anything to Haiti – we only hand deliver. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Visit our COST BREAKDOWN section to better understand the costs associated with each child and how sponsorship funds are spent.


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