Future of Fond Blanc: Donate Once, Give Twice



Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in our “Future of Fond Blanc: Give Once – Donate Twice” food security campaign!   We are so excited for this, as it will serve both our local communities as well as our Fond Blanc community.  


We are all feeling the pain and uncertainty of the world today, between civil unrest and the financial unpredictability from COVID19, both here and in Haiti.  In addition, with Next Step Ministries having to cancel their mission trips and students and families feeling that emptiness of summer cancellations, we thought this might be the perfect way to impact many different organizations!


Here are the steps:  


  •     Using our letter template, tell friends and family what this give back campaign is about. 


  •     Choose a local organization, food pantry, etc. to donate your time to. 


  •     Ask friends and family to sponsor your time volunteering locally.  You select the amount of time and monetary value (for example: 4 hours = $100 donated). 


  •     Donate the money you raised to the Food Stability/Fond Blanc farming project. 


There are so many advantages to this campaign:


  •     Our local non-profits get much needed volunteer hours.


  •     We are engaged, supporting and helping our communities. 


  •     We raise the money needed for food stability and the farming project in Fond Blanc!


Like we said, it is a WIN-WIN for everyone!! 


As an added bonus, the group or organization that raises the most money for this campaign wins the opportunity to travel to Fond Blanc, Haiti and help work on the farming project!!   We are so excited for this: we have past NSM interns willing to lead the team, we have a bit of flexibility with the date and you get valuable time with the kids in the orphanage.   Your group will be responsible for your food, travel expenses, and the costs necessary to get you up the mountain, but we will handle the rest!  We see this as such a beautiful opportunity, especially with Next Step cancelled for another year and the kids missing their friends, this will allow us to do a mini-mission trip. (Some conditions apply – we will have more details for the winning organization). 


Thank you so much for your participation in this wonderful give back opportunity benefiting so many!  We appreciate you all so much!


Please reach out with questions to Tia Bunz at tia.bunz@fondblanc.org or 608-444-7774


Mesi anpil and bondye beni ou!! 


The Fond Blanc Foundation Team


Fond Blanc Foundation