The Blessing of Community

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I can’t remember a time when the children of Fond Blanc haven’t taken up space in my heart, yet it was only 2 years ago that my family and I existed without them. Now around every corner of our home, in every aspect of our lives and in every conversation, they are the focus. Their pictures adorn our walls.   Our dining room is “Donation Central”. Our office has been converted to Fond Blanc Foundation HQ. My children speak of them as family. They ARE family.

The presence of the children in our lives has also reminded me of the blessings of the broader community helping these kids. A community that does not turn its back. One that does not turn a blind eye. One that engages instead of runs. A community of love. Of generosity. Of hope. Although many in the community have never directly shared the warm hug of Kervins, or the gift of genips from Denose, or the smile and laughter of Givenchy, they continue to show up.

Again and Again. They leave bags of sheets, vitamins, toothpaste, deodorant, and underwear on my doorstep.   They send money for the children to eat chicken. They stop by with checks and donations.  They buy my mom’s “Jamn’ for Haiti” jam. Every. Single. Time. I. Ask.

The love I have for these 55 children is matched only by my love for my own family. However, I have learned from you, the community. I was worried I would scare people away with my constant chatter of the children. Instead, I have learned that your love for the children and your desire to help is unparalleled. I am inspired by this community and humbled to be a part of it. So many people have looked up from their own lives and answered the call to serve and give back.

And that, my dear friends, is what it is all about.

Bondye Beni pitit nou and God Bless You.

Tia Bunz

Executive Director

Fond Blanc Foundation