Update from the Executive Director

Happy 2018!


A few weeks ago we held our 4th Annual Board of Director’s meeting for the Fond Blanc Foundation and had a lot to celebrate.   We had 11 of our Board members in attendance and were able to get a lot accomplished. I want to thank everyone on our volunteer-run Board for their relentless and loving approach to supporting this ministry and efforts in Haiti. It is because of this team that we continue to be able to have 100% of what is donated to the foundation go directly to the children and village of Fond Blanc. It is truly an honor to serve along side such committed and generous folks.


In addition to celebrating the many things we have been able to do to support our Haitian partners, we cheered that so many of you were able to help us raise enough funds to replace the washed out road from Hurricane Irma. This was remarkable for us to see just how much you all continue to love and support this ministry. Thank you for trusting us enough to bless this community and these deserving people.


We thank you also for supporting our thriving Child Sponsorship program, which helps us to cover the day-to-day costs of running the orphanage.   Typically we send our sponsors letters from their sponsored child twice a year, however, because of the washed out road we have been unable to get down to Fond Blanc to work on sponsorship letters with the children. Did you know that there is not a public postal system in Haiti? Because of this, we are not able to ask our Haitian partners to help work on them and ship them out to us.   Sometimes we look at this as a bonus, as it gets us down there to see our favorite children! With this, we want to give you all a heads up that your winter sponsor letters may have to be skipped, but you can look forward to hearing from them again this summer!


I am thinking they will have a lot to say to you.


My best to all of you in 2018!


Bondye Beni Ou ~

Tia Bunz






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