3rd Annual Chicken Dinner Campaign: Thank you!

By: Paul Young


In the midst of all of our emergency work on the road and your active financial support of that critical effort, our friends and contributors still found the time and extra resources to fund our 3rd annual Chicken Dinner Campaign. Thank you for blessing us all with those gifts!


This means that the meals prepared for the children will once again be regularly augmented by additional chicken and vegetables, which helps us provide the best nutrition we can. It might surprise some folks to see just how excited the children are about their “chicken dinners”. We all have a favorite meal, but most of us aren’t starting with a basic diet that is predominantly rice and beans, so their extra enthusiasm makes sense.


We also expect to see cost savings on our chicken dinners in two important new ways this year: storage and home-grown chicken. We have plans to buy 2 chest freezers, which will allow for safe storage of chicken meat, and cut down on the number of expensive trips to the market to buy more chicken.


The children are now assisting in the job of raising chickens in the new garden at the orphanage. This means more chicken and more eggs. It is a little too early in our experience to know precisely how much this will cut food costs, but we anticipate better and better results as we move toward more sustainable food sources.


We are profoundly grateful for the way God has provided for all of this through you, our friends and supporters. And if anyone gets a mind to come visit, we are always delighted to set another place at the table for you!


Bondye beni!

Fond Blanc Foundation