A New Campaign to Support our Teachers

The conditions for schooling and education at Fond Blanc are not what we would like them to be. We have seen some dramatic improvements in life at Fond Blanc, but this is the most important major need still facing the orphanage and the community.

A full scale, from-the-ground-up solution is needed for the 54 orphans and the roughly 200 other local children who come to school at the orphanage each day. We are already working on a plan for that major campaign, but we also want to try to help where we can right now.

The Fond Blanc Foundation has no authority or control over the current schooling situation. We can, however, still help by asking for funds to pay the 18 teachers who are working there now. These dedicated teachers have not been paid in several months, and cannot continue much longer without payment.

We had a tremendous response last fall, the first time we stepped in to help pay teachers. We will be starting another similar campaign this month because we think schooling is that important to the lives and future of the Haitian children.

Please visit our website and our New Teacher Campaign to see how you can help with this effort.

Fond Blanc Foundation