So You See…

So you see,

There is something magical about falling in love.

        But not like head-over-heels in love, nor the mushy,

fleeting feeling many refer to as love either.

And not in love with another person, no Mr. Right’s,

Mr. Right-here’s, Mr. Right-now’s.

No no, see this is a different kind of love, coming from

a different part of your being, designed, and saved,

for an entirely different love story.

So you see,

This love isn’t simple, it isn’t one-directional,

and it isn’t changing.

Of course, like all of the most powerful things in life,

it is adaptable; it is always growing and learning,

always evolving and embracing.

But when the walls come down, and the fires and failures

of this world tear everything else away,

this love remains unchanged.

When all else is dead and gone, left in its purest,

most simple form, this love is still the most all-encompassing,

awe-inspiring state of being that has ever been trusted upon you.

So you see,

When I say “trusted upon you,” I do not mean thrusted upon you,

for given even the slightest glimmer of the wonder of this love,

you would have welcomed it with arms wide open.

Nor, by saying “trusted upon you” do I mean that this

is something given to any being, entrusted in making the right

choices for something as influential, yet fragile, as this.

No, no; when I say “trusted upon you”, in the most literal sense,

I mean it will be gifted to you with no hope of return or exchange.

I mean that it will fully consume you without you ever being aware

of its presence: that without delay, every ounce of you is ready

to defend it, to protect it, to cherish and to nurture it.

So you see,

When I say I am in love, you will know this is not something I chose,

not something I prepared for, not something I expected.

When I say I am in love, you will know this is not something

I can return, but only hope to pour out for all the world to feel.

When I say I am in love, you will know that this is

the most unapologetic, unyielding, most influential love

that I have ever had the honor of having bestowed upon me.

When I say that I am in love, you will know that this is for real.

So you see,

When I tell you I am in love, please know that my heart belongs in Haiti.


—  Olivia Bunz     2.18.15

Fond Blanc Foundation