February 2021 Newsletter


February 2021 Newsletter

In a time when life in the US is complicated and uncertain, with COVID continuing to brace our nation and the politics of today making things additionally more difficult, it is hard to imagine how we can continue to properly support these beautiful children and this ministry in another “complicated” country.   With circumstances, both in the US and Haiti, preventing us from visiting this place that we adore so much, you’d think that we might be struggling to maintain running this ministry.

Truth be told, our Haitian partners are incredibly resilient, enduring, and steadfast in their approach to caring for these children. The school is running with great success; the long awaited and anticipated farming project is well underway, and most importantly the children in Fond Blanc are happy and healthy.




The school has been fully operational this entire year, serving a smaller number than usual, as some parents have elected to hold their kids out of school with the pandemic on their minds.  However, the kids that are attending school are thriving, and the teachers are happy to continue to have employment.  We are still serving Pre-K through grade 11, with 7 or our kids heading down to Cazale to finish out their high school education.  We should see those 7 students graduating within the next couple of years, which is a HUGE success story for them!

As you might know, we had to cancel all in-person fundraising this last year, but that didn’t prevent so many of you from showing up financially to keep this school operating.  Your trust in this ministry and our partners in Haiti has been more than we could have anticipated or asked for.  Our “Vision Rally on the Runway” fundraiser allowed us to raise just enough money to operate the school for this entire year, so THANK YOU!  God is good, indeed.

The beginning of our newly constructed fence, which will allow for our continued growth of our sustainability efforts.

The beginning of our newly constructed fence, which will allow for our continued growth of our sustainability efforts.
We are eager for the start of our much anticipated farming project on the 2½ hectares just down the road has a fence around it and is being cleared and prepared with the hope of a fall planting season.  Isaac, our foundation’s agronomist, has done such a beautiful job in planning, preparing and cultivating this project and our team feels blessed with him at the helm.

Our Haitian partners shared this video update of our farming project.

Our Haitian partners shared this video update of our farming project.

Although we’re confident in the progress of what is being done in this beautiful village of Fond Blanc, it is not lost on me that life in Haiti continues to be a struggle with ongoing instability, violence and political conflict as their cycle of darkness continues.  “My Life Speaks”, another non-profit ministry operating in Haiti describes the continued oppression like this: https://www.mylifespeaks.com/post/prayers-for-peace-more-politically-motivated-violent-protests-in-haiti-s-streets.

Hopefully, with faith in all things good, we will soon be back to visiting Haiti and fundraising for this ministry.  Then we will be able to fulfill our promise of opening that second school where the kids in Fond Blanc can finish their high school years locally, as well as offering a triage medical clinic and trade training on the same site as our new farm.

I long for the day to return when we can be back in person to our beloved Fond Blanc and am hopeful that the time shall be soon.  For now I rest easy on Galatians 6:9

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

With great love and appreciation,
Bondye Beni Ou ~

Tia Bunz

Executive Director

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