Haiti Hunger Crisis Update

After hosting another very successful education fundraiser, you’d think we’d be riding that high and feeling incredibly optimistic. While we’re so grateful for all the support of our stateside sponsors and the ability to fund our school for another year, there’s a different reality happening in Haiti. And we’d be remise to not update all of you. Haiti is in a state of disarray, worse than we’ve seen in the previous months and years.

Most of you are aware of the present challenges Haiti is facing due to political instability, civil unrest and the overwhelming gang presence. Currently, the most pressing issues resulting from the country falling under gang control are food insecurity, fuel shortages, a recent Cholera outbreak and safety in traveling within Haiti.


People take part in a protest demanding the resignation of Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, October 17. REUTERS/Ricardo Arduengo


Up to this point, Fond Blanc has remained as a safe haven for our students and staff. With our school and orphanage nestled up in the mountains, far from the danger and violence of the larger cities, we’ve felt very little impact from the country’s challenges, aside from increasing operational costs. And while our staff and children continue to remain safe in Fond Blanc, the nation’s food and supply insecurity is now impacting us.

Our years of sustainability efforts are aiding us greatly right now, as we have access to vegetables, eggs, and chickens, up in Fond Blanc. But the large majority of food consumed in Fond Blanc, such as rice, beans, grits and spaghetti, are still purchased in the city. With roads into Port au Prince currently controlled by gangs, our staff are struggling to safely access the bank to receive the money we’re sending, purchase the necessary food, and get back to Fond Blanc. Simply put, our people are safe, but they’re hungry.

This past weekend, the US & Canada sent armored vehicles and supplies to help Haitian police fight the powerful gangs. And now the Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, has requested the immediate deployment of foreign troops to help support the country’s efforts in fighting the gangs and protestors. Haiti needs external support now more than ever. As we await the United Nation’s decision on how they plan to intervene in this crisis, what can we do?

First, please pray. Pray for the country of Haiti, and for the people suffering right now, including 4.9 million Haitians, who are currently experiencing “Crisis” level hunger and food insecurity (IPC Level 3 or greater). Pray that foreign powers intervene to restore peace in this country. Pray for Fond Blanc, that we may gain access to the supplies and food we need to continue to meet the needs of these kids and staff members. We know that prayer is powerful and that God is capable of bringing about huge change and good plans for Haiti.

Second, please consider donating. As mentioned, we are facing sky rocketing prices for basic supplies, like never before. To avoid dipping further into our emergency reserve fund, we’d appreciate any financial support that can be given. Visit www.FondBlanc.org/Donate to contribute anything you’re able to give. Thank you!

Bondye beni ou e Bondye beni Ayiti!
(God bless you & God bless Haiti)

-The Fond Blanc Foundation

Fond Blanc Foundation