May 2022 Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter


While we acknowledge it has been a little while since we were able to connect last, we are excited to share with you the many ways in which God has been working in our ministries over the last few months!

First and foremost, due to your generosity, this ministry has been able to work in new and exciting ways that we could have not anticipated. In August 2021, there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the agriculture-prominent southern portion of Haiti. This earthquake not only wiped out vast expanses of Haitian farmlands, it took out the communities that went with it. One of these communities is the home base to one of our sister churches, Cayes, lead by one of our pastors, Fre Son. After ensuring the safety of the members of the community, we connected with Fre Son about how we could help. Fre Son shared that almost all of the houses within the community had been completely leveled, leaving dozens of families from his congregation shelterless.

After discussions about what our support could look like, we were able to send funds to help start the rebuilding of this community. Led by Fre Son, our church community in Cayes has been able to fully build two new houses, with two more on the way. While we, the American-based team, are still unable to travel to Haiti, we were able to support the congregation, not only with the funds to finance these builds, but supplies such as water, food, tarps, etc, to support the community as they began the slow process of healing.


While dealing with tragedy in Cayes, things have been running smoothly in Fond Blanc. The children were able to resume school in the Fall, excited to get back to a degree of normalcy. The gardens, funded by our Sustainability Project, have remained a fruitful and stable resource for our little community.

As always, we remain steadfast in our support for our children and community in Haiti. We all long for the day we are able to return and be reunited again. We ask for prayers of progress as this beautiful country tries to move forward towards political stability and security.

Bondye Beni Ou,

Tia Bunz & Olivia (Bunz) Riggs
Fond Blanc Foundation Board Members

Fond Blanc Foundation