Meet Swenson!

Hi evereryone! My name is Eswenson (Swenson) Blanchard. It’s an honor for me to have the chance to talk to you about my position in the Fond Blanc Foundation. I am the English/Bible teacher, so if by any chance you‘ve heard about me, know that I am really grateful to be the kids’ teacher. I can say the kids are a blessing for me. I love when we have classes because they put so much energy into it, which surprised me. My wish for the kids is seeing them able to send you guys letters with no one’s help, so that they can talk to you more about their lives, and they can perhaps teach you some Creole words… wouldn’t that be fun? Yea that will be very fun. I also want to say thanks to each one of you who was willing to help and support the kids at Fond Blanc. Thanks to everyone who helped with the road down at Kazal. Now because of you the population is able to move on. Deeply in my heart I appreciate that. Thank you again.


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