Summer Mission Update

Late at night on July 27th, a group of 24 of us began our travel down to Fond Blanc. After not being there in almost two years for most of the group, the excitement was tangible. However, much to our dismay, the travel was a nightmare. We ended up getting there in 5 different flights in total, and the last group got to the orphanage at 5 pm on Monday, July 29th. With exhaustion, frustration, and confusion running through our veins, when we pulled through that big red gate, the only word on my heart was, “WOW.”

The physical changes to the orphanage first stole my breath. The new church / school has two levels and a roof and is inching towards completion. To our right, a new watch tower raised two stories high, with a “Wal-Mart” below that has increased some income as soda and snacks are sold to the village. The ‘driveway’ was completely and beautifully smoothed instead of the rocks and roots that we were used to. The one room, non-defined library we had left now had walls and windows, and electricians and masons were working on the kids showers and bathrooms. The sustainability area was flooded with chickens and plants. Every project we had once been so proud and naïve to think we began, was either finished or in progress in the extremely capable Haitian hands we left them in.

The update I know you’re all waiting for – the kids! They were beautiful, as always, but had grown so much. James and Linor were taller than me out of nowhere. Kervins and Manaica are no longer the babies. Masselene and Chilanda work in the kitchen and are becoming strong women. The faces of new children were excited to meet the friends they had heard so much about. Over two days, these 65 kids each wrote multiple letters and drew beautiful photos for their sponsors back in the states, and we are SO grateful for your patience in receiving these! (I might add that many kids asked for letters in return – they love to hear from you guys, too!) Along with the report cards, we had a brief medical clinic, a dental check-up, built tables and benches for the library, and every bunk bed in every kid’s room is now brand new! Much needed donations safely made it to the orphanage as well. Band camp was also going on, so there were an extra 200 faces sleeping and eating in Fond Blanc, so we had the beautiful opportunity to not only meet more Haitian friends, but see the kids interact with both friends and siblings from other places in Haiti. We were blessed with a beautiful band and choir concert on Friday night, which the kids were SO proud of! They are so talented.

Every time we go to Fond Blanc, I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and by God’s timing. Wednesday night, Woodkelly had an incarcerated inguinal hernia (fancy words for “serious medical issue that needs surgery ASAP and is very painful”). We were incredibly blessed with an ER doc and a PICU nurse on our team that were able to, by the grace of God, save his life. He then went to Port-au-Prince the next morning and got the surgery he needed. Can we get a YAY GOD?! Perfectly placing each person in a position to do what He has called them to do.

Overall, I am so proud of the work our Haitian partners have been doing, but I am even more excited about what’s to come!

Bondye beni-ou,


Next Step Ministries- Community Coordinator 

Fond Blanc Foundation