Update from the Executive Director

By: Tia Bunz


One of the things I love most about my job is hearing the many stories on how the children of Fond Blanc have impacted people’s lives.   This can be from people that have visited there many times, to those that have never even met them.   It’s easy for me to remember why I invest so much love and energy into these children, because I know them all, and I care deeply for each and every one of them.   Then I meet people that haven’t met them, but pray for them, fundraise for our various campaigns or that donate their hard earned money to help support them.   I loved reading one family’s Christmas card this year referencing our Chicken Dinner Campaign and how it has helped in keeping life in perspective.

Each of these stories has been such a blessing and we, here at the Fond Blanc Foundation, thought it might be nice to share these testimonies with you in our newsletters.   So we are starting a new segment called “Impact Stories” for you all to hear the many magnificent ways these children have changed our lives.

We are also continuing our “Sponsorship Testimonies”, where we are introducing you to different families that are involved in our Child Sponsorship program. This month we are highlighting the Pederson family from Parker, Colorado. In addition to sponsoring 7 children, they flew in from Colorado to help at our Fond Blanc Foundation school fundraiser, Play It Forward, and they raise money for the children with their own fundraisers. The Pederson family has been a huge blessing to us all, in so many ways.

Mesi anpil, to all of you, for your continued love and support over the years. We are constantly reminded of the joy these children bring us, just by bringing us together as a common community.


Bondye Beni ~



Fond Blanc Foundation